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Christiane PEUGEOT Cultural Center

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The singer seems so fragile in her long dress. She salutes, bare arms and hair free.

She must feel the jitters, she must wonder if nothing will fail her, but she has confidence, she is both turned towards her audience and concentrated, an intense flame in her heart whispered to her that she can, that she knows, that she will give the best and that can be read in the twinkle of her eyes.

From this slender silhouette, the voice unfolds, vibrating, undulating, soft and powerful at the same time.

From this supple and laughing person emanates the generosity and candor, fervor and joy of an angel.

It is the happiness that it communicates to us, a moment when the beauty of the world is revealed again, for us alone, and at the same time to the whole universe, a breakaway, a refuge, a sharing.


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