Nathalie LEONOFF is not only an interpreter with a magnificent voice, she takes you freely to her lyrical musical compositions. In her creations, she mixes her voice and melodies with colors inspired by different countries.

"The poetry of languages composes a mosaic of sounds, knowing that singing is the only language of universal love, I hope this harmony helps us to forget everything."

This facet of singer-songwriter brings Nathalie to search deep inside her new notes, sounds reworked to find the music that will match his wish.

Whether you're a shy singer, a passionate amateur, or a professional future, Nathalie LEONOFF invites you to discover your voice and improve it according to your objectives.

Work on vocal technique:

  • breathing,
  • posture,
  • discovery of the vocal apparatus,
  • opening,
  • placement,
  • let go,
  • widening of the range,
  • articulation and preparation for the stage.

Private lessons: 1 hour / 65 euros

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