Who is Nathalie LEONOFF Author-composer-performer?

Chorister in different groups and first scenes in public at the age of 8

1993 to 1996

Private singing lessons with a professor at the Conservatoire de PARIS

1997 to 2002

Student of the ISSY LES MOULINEAUX conservatory


Participates in a TV show with his pianist on A2 "Who's who?" (PARIS)

2002 to 2007

Student with a Grand Master, recommended by the Director of Music Studies of the Opera Bastille


Outdoor recital at the GERARDMER Berchigranges Garden in the Vosges


Recital in CHERBOURG (Sponsor of the Laetitia evening Professional cyclist and dancer of "LIDO") Published in "Ouest France", "La Manche libre" and "La Presse de la Manche"

Recital on the occasion of the Téléthon (PARIS) Published in Ouest France, the Parisian and Aubermensuel


Recital at the Asia Tsunami Relief Gala (PARIS)

TV show  "Blabla Wilson" on TPS and INTERNET-FREEBOX" (PARIS)

Interpretation "The Marseillaise" In Cappela under the Arc de Triomphe facing the Avenue des Champs Elysées for the 60th Anniversary of the Veterans of France (PARIS) The orchestra of the Ministry of Defense was present

First Opera at "Necker Hospital-Sick Children" (PARIS)

Interpretation of the French, German, Spanish, English and European Hymns for a gala in front of the representatives of the European community VILLEBON SUR YVETTE

TV show - Advertisement on Radio FG (PARIS) Recital on "Triptyque" on "TPS and Internet-Freebox"


"The Museum of Fairground Arts" in (PARIS), evening organized for an oil group

Music project "URIHANI" related to the environment for ecology (PARIS) participation in the composition of four songs www .urihani.net

Interpretation of the hymn "La Marseillaise" in the Office of the Minister of Transport, the Ministry of Agriculture (Maritime Fisheries), the Stele of the Minesweeper and the Arch of Defense (ceremony for the anniversary of the end of the war 39 45 (PARIS)


"Château d'ERMENONVILLE" prestigious evening organized for pharmaceutical groups accompanied by two violinists and a pianist


Nathalie organized a recital at "VISSI D'ARTE" (PARIS) Published in the Officiel des Spectacles and Pariscop

"Castle CHAMBORD", appeared in the New Republic Recital in front of 10,000 people

"Museum of Fine Arts" in LYON a recital was given in the auditorium

"Espace CARDIN" (PARIS) Fashion Show for the jeweler of the Pearl of Culture SCHMITTGALL accompanied by 20 models. Nathalie LEONOFF interpreted her compositions Many celebrities were present (PARIS)

Recital for the "Restaurants of the Heart"


INDIA - City JODHPUR-KHIMSAR An evening was organized with a local orchestra at the hotel "KIMSAR FORT"

Presence of Nathalie at a concert at "la Mie de Pain" against exclusion and poverty with the presence of Jean-Jacques DEBOUT

Penitentiary Center of MEAUX CHAUCONIN NEUFMONTIERS Recital in front of 40 prisoners


Evening organized by the Cultural Director and Nathalie for Mrs and Mr Christiane PEUGEOT - near the Arc de Triomphe (PARIS)


Nathalie participated in the first "Virtual Exhibition of Business and Event Tourism"

Out of two albums

The URIHANI Album: "Music for the Planet" is now available on all global digital platforms

Discover also the album "Honey"


Nathalie gave a performance for the pre-selection of Miss National ROUEN Many personalities were present.

Palais des Congrès de BORDEAUX, Nathalie was asked to interpret her compositions for a prestigious evening

A service was given by Nathalie for the opening of a gala at the Salle GAVEAU (PARIS)


Nathalie was asked by the great Designer ALPHADI at UNESCO for the opening of the 8th International Festival of Haute Couture in Africa to interpret Operatic arias


Classical concerts for the International Festival of African Fashion and Intervention also of one of my compositions on the parade of the designer ALPHADI


Hippodrome de VINCENNES - Interpretation of Operatic arias

Château de CHENONCEAU - Recital in the presence of great Star Chiefs

Opera House (Intercontinental PARIS Le Grand Hotel) - Recital for a gala

Gouvieux of Manor - Recital for the International Culinary Order In the presence of great Star Chiefs


Private service at the Interallie Circle, Interpretation of Operatic arias (Paris)

Classical concert in PARIS with Toumani DIABETE and Sidiki


Recital at the Opera House (Intercontinental PARIS Le Grand Hotel) - Gala for the oil companies


Recital at the Opera House ((Intercontinental PARIS Le Grand Hotel) – Classical concert



Interpretation of the hymn of MOROCCO and NIGER


Festival : Classical concert and interpretation of  my compositions

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