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Album AFRICAN DREAMall dig, is now available on digiital platforms worldwide de itunes, google play, music, rhapsody et amazon.com etc...

1 May 2015


I can take you freely in my new album of African songs. I wanted to mix my voice to the musical colors of different ethnic groups. Poetry colorful language composes a mosaic of sounds ; this harmony must help us to forget the pains and sorrows that we inflict this troubled world.

Ivory Coast (Baoulé) - Mauritania (Arabe) - Mali (Bambara) - Senegal (Wolof) - South Africa (Zoulou) - Niger (Djerma) - Burkina Faso (Moré)

Music and singing : Nathalie Léonoff - Michel De Vaux Singer : Mali Yaro - Dady (rappeur) Styliste : Alphadi Pictures : Aïssata Thiam-Léonoff - Didier Verrier - Jonathan Saleh Computer scientist : Laurent Bertrand